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Forced Order
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What date was Charles de Gaulle born?
What were his middle names? (All 3 required chronologically)
Where was he born?
What military school did de Gaulle attend in 1908?
What nickname did de Gaulle acquire because of uncanny resemblance to this green vegetable?
When he was assigned to the 33rd regiment, located in Arras, who was de Gaulle's Colonel?
After his capture at Douaumont and later detainment in Osnabrück, Neisse, and Rosenberg, which special camp, designed exclusively for recalcitrant officers, was he transferred to?
Which Russian Marshall did de Gaulle share a prison cell whilst in German captivity?
What book did de Gaulle write whilst interned as a prisoner of war? (English or French title)
In a letter to his mother, how did de Gaulle describe (in French) his fate as a prisoner?
During the Polish-Soviet War, what was the high-ranking polish military decoration bestowed upon de Gaulle?
Who did de Gaulle marry on 7 April 1921?
In September of what year did de Gaulle take active command as battalion leader over French occupation forces in Trier?
Which book did de Gaulle write in 1934? (English or French title)
In the aforementioned book, de Gaulle advocated the reorganisation of the French army and special mobile armoured divisions. Which German general took to these proposals?
The synonymity of mobile armoured divisions with the bête noire of French politics, a professional army, was repudiated by several French generals. Name one.
On the 25 December 1936, de Gaulle was assigned the command of what numbered tank regiment in Metz?
Where did de Gaulle launch a counteroffensive against German forces, with 200 tanks and no air support, on 17 May 1940?
What temporary rank was de Gaulle promoted to following his success at Caumont?
When was de Gaulle named Secretary of State of War by Paul Renaud? (It was 12 days before his famous appeal exhorting Frenchmen to resist German occupation)
From what British radio station did de Gaulle make his famous plea to the French people on 18 June 1940?
The shaky British-French and antipathetic American-French relations prompted de Gaulle to cite what quote from William Ewart Gladstone?
Having relocated the French headquarters to Algeria in May 1943 and established the French Committee for National Liberation, who was he forced to share joint leadership with?
What date was de Gaulle elected head of the Provisional Government of the French Republic?
Who proved to be a controversial appointment of this government considering the transgressions he committed in the Vichy regime and later implication in the 1961 Paris Massacre.
What political movement did de Gaulle form in 1947 in a last ditch attempt to reform the French constitution?
1961 was a turbulent year for de Gaulle, who had to suppress the General's Putsch and quell rumours vis-à-vis the Paris Massacre. Who attempted to murder him the following year?
When did Charles de Gaulle die?

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