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In which city was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
Which member of the Black Hand was responsible for assassinating Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Chotek?
What was the name of the treaty concluded between Russia and Germany?
Which political party did Woodrow Wilson belong to?
The Chemin des Dames (literally the 'path of the ladies'), site of the First, Second and Third Battle of the Aisne, was named after which French king's daughters?
Who was the President of Portugal when war broke out in Europe?
What initialism was used to denote the German Supreme Army Command?
Which Russian commander of the Second Army committed suicide on 30 August 1914 after the disastrous outcome of the Battle of Tannenberg?
In what month and year did Portugal join the war on the Allied side?
The 72 kilometre supply run known as the Voie Sacrée was established by Pétain to supply which French location?
The First Battle of Heligoland Bight, a naval engagement fought on the 28 August 1914 between the United Kingdom and Germany, occurred in which sea?
Off the coast of which country was RMS Lusitania sunk?
What other country did the Zimmermann telegram prompt Mexico to join in the war against the United States?
Who was the commander of the British forces prior to Douglas Haig?
Who was the commander of the Prussian army at the Battle of Waterloo, whose name was appropriated for the third phase of the German Spring Offensive in 1918?
Name a gas, aside from mustard, used during World War I.
Name any of the four German chancellors in power during the war.
What was the name of the sea in the Orkney Islands where Admiral Ludwig Reuter scuttled the Imperial Navy’s High Seas Fleet on 21 July 1919?
What was the first name of the German Foreign Secretary responsible for sending the Zimmermann Telegram?
The German ship SMS Lützow was scuttled in which battle?

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