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Can you name the presidents from the etymology of their surnames

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Forced Order
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Fenced woodlandOld English / Scots
From a thicket (?)English
Son of HarryEnglish
Bent or crooked personLuo
From the rocky hillOld English
Son of JeffreyEnglish
From a triangular piece of landOld English
Ugly headIrish
Very famousOld English
From Wassa's townEnglish
Son of NicholasEnglish
Faithful manEnglish
Son of JackEnglish
From a poolScots
Rose fieldDutch
A hardy oneEnglish
Son of JohnEnglish
Son of FinlayScots
Little kingIrish
From 'the town on the summit'Old English
Layer of floor tilesEnglish
From the town of BurenDutch
Son of PiersEnglish / Welsh
Owner of a 30-60 acre parcel of landAnglicized German
Son of MaudEnglish
Transporter of goods by wagonEnglish
From the Lake ColonyEnglish
House of the CanonScots
HomesteaderOld English
Son of AdamEnglish
From a land of cliffsMiddle English
Mouth of the riverScots Gaelic
Son of WillEnglish
From a river crossingEnglish
Iron cutterGerman
Maker of ClothesEnglish

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