Norse Mythology Terms

Can you name the terms from Norse Mythology?

Jotun of the stormy sea; father of the nine waves
The world of the elves
Mother of Fenris, Hel, and Jormangand
The first man
The god of light and peace
The field where Frey and Gerd met
Gnome who bet his head against Loki's
God of poetry, bards and song; married to Idunn
Magic armring created by Sindri
Old age; once beat Thor in a wrestling match
The first woman
Wolf son of Loki who swallowed Odin at Ragnarok
Son of Balder and Nanna
God of fertility and ruler of the elves
Wife of Odin; goddess of matrimony
Goddess of beauty and love; rode in a carriage pulled by grey cats
Hound of Hel; him and Tyr killed each other at Ragnarok
Pit of chaos between Muspelheim and Niflheim before creation
Jotun maiden Frey won the love of through Skirnir
Horn of Heimdall
Witch from Vanaheim who caused war between the Aesir and Vanir
Spear of Odin created by the sons of Ivaldi
Mother of Bragi
Watchman of the Aesir who guarded Bifrost
Daughter of Loki and ruler of the dead
War god who tried to retrieve Balder from Hel
Blind war god who unknowingly directly killed Balder
Brother of Odin who was traded to the Vanir
Tyr's grandfather/father who was a jotun and owned huge cauldrons
Open green field in Asgard
Keeper of the Apples of Youth
Father of the gnomes who created Sif's new hair, Gungnir, and Skidbladnir
Home of the Jotuns
The Spirit of Knowledge
Odin's throne on which Frey once sat
Brother of Odin and Hoenir
God of mischief, fire, and eventually evil
The Earth; where humans lived
Serpent son of Loki who was killed by and killed Thor at Ragnarok
Wise jotun who cut out Odin's eye and was later beheaded
The Hammer of Thor
The ship that brought Loki to Ragnarok
The Wife of Balder
The dragon who gnawed at Yggdrasil's roots
Freya's Vanished Husband
God of the ocean and father of Frey and Freya; a Vanir god
Child of Freya and Od
One-eyed leader of the Aesir
The Destiny of the Gods
The Wife of Thor
The Wife of Loki
The Gnome who Created Mjolnir
Goddess of skiers; daughter of Tjasse; married to Njord
Frey's Magic Ship
Frey's servant to whom he gave his magic sword
Odin's eight-legged horse; offspring of Loki
Ruler of Muspelheim amd Destroyer of Frey
The only thing that did not weep for Balder; Loki in disguise
Thor's fast servant
God of thunder; red haired glutton
The one-handed god of war, dueling, and bravery
Odin's hall in Asgard
Minor god of skiers; stepson of Thor; son of Sif; had a fling with Skade
Home of the Vanir
The Destroyer of Fenris; Son of Odin
Where Ragnarok took place
The World Tree
The first living being

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