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Also Starring (year)MovieSmallville Character
Burt Reynolds (1973)Lionel Luthor
Bruce Dern (1975)Martha Kent
Woody Allen (1977)Lionel Luthor
Jane Fonda (1977)Lionel Luthor
Robby Benson (1977)Martha Kent
Farrah Fawcett (1978)Lionel Luthor
Eric Roberts (1978)Martha Kent
Margot Kidder (1978)Jor-El
Roy Scheider (1979)Lionel Luthor
Jeff Bridges (1980)Lionel Luthor
Charlton Heston (1980)Lionel Luthor
Paul Le Mat (1980)Lionel Luthor
Gary Busey (1980)Martha Kent
Christopher Reeve (1980)Jor-El
Lily Tomlin (1981)Lionel Luthor
Kate Capshaw (1982)Lionel Luthor
John Heard (1982)Martha Kent
Eddie Murphy (1982)Martha Kent
Christopher Reeve (1983)Martha Kent
Kirk Douglas (1983)Jonathan Kent
Charles Bronson (1984)Lionel Luthor
Gregory Hines (1985)Lionel Luthor
Royal Dano (1985)Jonathan Kent
Peter Weller (1986)Lionel Luthor
Roy Scheider (1986)Lionel Luthor
Patty Duke (1986)Lionel Luthor
Martin Short (1987)Martha Kent
Wil Wheaton (1987)Jonathan Kent
Charlie Sheen (1987)Jor-El
Rob Lowe (1988)Lionel Luthor
Suzy Amis (1988)Lionel Luthor
Ilan Mitchell-Smith (1988)Lionel Luthor
Bill Murray (1988)Lionel Luthor
Michael Winslow (1989)Chloe Sullivan
Nancy Mette (1989)Lionel Luthor
Peter Boyle (1989)Jonathan Kent
Ned Beatty (1989)Jonathan Kent
Phoebe Cates (1990)Lionel Luthor
Peter Weller (1990)Lionel Luthor
Anne Archer (1990)Martha Kent
Beau Bridges (1991)Jimmy Olsen
Andrew Stevens (1993)Chloe Sullivan
Eric Christmas (1993)Lionel Luthor
Susan Howard (1993)Jonathan Kent
Robert Hays (1994)Chloe Sullivan
Christopher Lloyd (1994)Chloe Sullivan
Sam Neill (1994)Lionel Luthor
Tina Majorino (1994)Martha Kent (voice)
Harvey Keitel (1994)Martha Kent
Dana Delany (1994)Jonathan Kent
Hugo Weaving (1994)Jor-El
Alex Zonn (1995)Lionel Luthor
Also Starring (year)MovieSmallville Character
Olivier Gruner (1995)Lionel Luthor
Jack Johnson (1995)Jonathan Kent
John Cusack (1997)Lex Luthor
Luis Caballero (1997)Lex Luthor
Jason Alexander (1997)Lionel Luthor
George Clooney (1997)Lionel Luthor
Jennifer Garner (1998)Lex Luthor
Jared Leto (1998)Lex Luthor
Jayne Deely (1998)Lionel Luthor
Will Arnett (1998)Lionel Luthor
Mel Gibson (1999)Lionel Luthor
Gloria Reuben (1999)Lionel Luthor
Ewan McGregorJor-El
Chris Klein (2000)Martha Kent
Chevy Chase (2000)Jonathan Kent
Keanu Reeves (2001)Lex Luthor
Nicki Aycox (2001)Lex Luthor
Antonio Banderas (2001)Lionel Luthor
Jason Alexander (2001)Lionel Luthor
Nelly (2001)Pete Ross
David Hewlett (2001)Jimmy Olsen
Glenn Close (2001)Jimmy Olsen
Barry Watson (2002)Lex Luthor
Chazz Palminteri (2002)Lex Luthor
Faye Dunaway (2002)Lionel Luthor
Wesley Snipes (2002)Pete Ross
Steve Martin (2003)Clark Kent
Steve Martin (2003)Lex Luthor
Jonathan Cherry (2003)Lois Lane
Lyn Vaus (2003)Martha Kent
Jacob Pitts (2004)Lana Lang
Gail O'Grady (2004)Lionel Luthor
Richard Gleason (2004)Lionel Luthor
Dave Nichols (2004)Jimmy Olsen
Anne Hathaway (2004)Zod
Maggie Grace (2005)Clark Kent
Frankie Muniz (2005)Lex Luthor (voice)
Steve Martin (2005)Clark Kent
Patrick Warburton (2005)Lionel Luthor
Ruben Dario (2005)Oliver Queen
Julia Roberts (2006)Chloe Sullivan (Voice)
Eric Lively (2006)Lois Lane
David A.R. White (2006)Jonathan Kent
Elly Castle (2006)Jonathan Kent
Josh Lucas (2006)Pete Ross
Samuel L. Jackson (2006)Pete Ross
Neve Campbell (2007)Lana Lang
Jamie Kennedy (2007)Lex Luthor
Amanda Bynes (2007)Jonathan Kent
Johnny Lewis (2007)Jimmy Olsen
Ellen Burstyn (2007)Jimmy Olsen
Andrew Bowen (2008)Jonathan Kent
Also Starring (year)MovieSmallville Character
Adam Lamberg (2008)Jonathan Kent
Tim Draxl (2008)Oliver Queen
Peter O'Toole (2008)Jimmy Olsen
Jim CarreyJor-El
Brenda Strong (2009)Chloe Sullivan
Micheal Clarke Duncan (2009)Lana Lang
Alonzo Bodden (2009)Lex Luthor
Joseph Cross (2009)Martha Kent
Rhonda Aldrich (2009)Jonathan Kent
Chris Carmack (2009)Jonathan Kent
Catherine Zeta-Jones (2009)Jonathan Kent
Richard Roundtree (2009)Jonathan Kent
Amy Poehler (2009)Oliver Queen
Toni Fox (2009)Oliver Queen
Val Kilmer (2009)Jimmy Olsen
Jim Carrey (2009)Zod
Kevin Spacey (2010)Lex Luthor
Dax Shepard (2010)Lex Luthor
Brittany Bristow (2010)Lois Lane
Maxine Bahns (2010)Jonathan Kent
David A.R. White (2010)Jonathan Kent
Erin Cummings (2010)Oliver Queen
Jonathan Cake (2010)Pete Ross
Lee Wilkof (2010)Tess Mercer
Cindy Sampson (2010)Jimmy Olsen
Adam Butcher (2010)Jimmy Olsen
Ryan Robbins (2011)Chloe Sullivan
Keisha Castle Hughes (2011)Lana Lang
Billy Boyd (2011)Lana Lang
Malin Akerman (2011)Lex Luther
Rachel Hendrix (2011)Jonathan Kent
Tim Abell (2011)Jonathan Kent
William Devane (2011)Jonathan Kent
Jason London (2011)Jonathan Kent
David Arquette (2011)Jimmy Olsen
John Bregar (2011)Jimmy Olsen
Amanda Tapping (2012)Lana Lang
Dax Shepard (2012)Lex Luthor
Tim Heidecker (2012)Lois Lane
Rosanna Arquette (2012)Jonathan Kent
James Best (2012)Jonathan Kent
Bill Cobbs (2012)Jonathan Kent
Seth McFarlane (2012)Kara
Marcia Gay Harden (2013)Clark Kent
Lou Diamond Phillips (2013)Lionel Luthor
Karen Austin (2013)Lionel Luthor
Geoffrey Arend (2013)Martha Kent
Cody Longo (2013)Jonathan Kent
Grayson Russell (2013)Jonathan Kent
Ernie Hudson (2013)Jonathan Kent
Nick Swardson (2014)Lex Luthor

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