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Re-Translated Lyrics Song Title % Correct
I' m exactly poor boy (poor boy)/I do not need resonance/Because; i'm easy you coming, easy it goes/It is high a little, it is low, a littleBohemian Rhapsody
Theres truly woman whos/The [pi] or the [pi] everything which shines is the gold/And shes which buys the stairway to the heavenStairway to Heaven
When I when being troubled find by my,/Mother Mary comes to me/It tried the story word of intelligence, to have that.Let it Be
Our times came entirely/But here now the're It goes,/Season don't The fear harvest person of/As for wind, sun or rainDon't Fear the Reaper
Us don't There is no necessity education of/We do not need idea control/There is no sarcasm where the classroom is darkAnother Brick in the Wall Part 2
And the girl you with me if it is here/Thing by any means is not the same/Now for bird freely, ImFree Bird
There is a house in new [orinzu]/They call Asahi House of the Rising Sun
The space cowboy question people me of some person to obtain, you telephone/Certain people telephone me the gang of love/People me of some person the Mho lith you telephoneThe Joker
As for me as for the red door and me the black which that painted you look at that you think that we want,/Color as for me we do not want turning black to those alreadyPaint it Black
Therefore of that it can call, therefore you thinks/Heaven from hell,/Skys whose is blue from pain.Wish you Were Here
And I thought in by my/The hell where as for this it is possible to be the heaven, or, or it is possible a certain thing/Then she attached the candle, showed method in me/There wasHotel California
In back section/Cadillac/1st, I'm of bullet; Power packBack in Black
Well, the storm threatning/Present my just life/If I do not obtain the refugeGimme Shelter
Re-Translated Lyrics Song Title % Correct
Make the shirt and the new shoes clean/And I do not know I have gone somewhere./Suit of quasi- full dress silk/I why do not need the reason.Sharp Dressed Man
I saw now morning,/And the sun went/It is attached, the music my day which should start More than a Feeling
Do to loosen, do to loosen, loosen/I first need information./Exactly basic fact.Comfortably Numb
The mother when I am young, called to me/Sits down on side just of my my son who comes/And hear closely to that I say.Simple Man
My life half/The page there is a book by the document/You to live from the idiot and the wise man, being learnedDream On
It is tired to being in the sunlight/Stay in the house which looks at the rain/And it is young, life is longTime
Just a little, just a little, the mother is the method you moving, making the going groove which you sweat goes./Well, oh, it shakes of the child and method, making the sting makinBlack Dog
The story is mined is said, my freedom which I make important it can tilt./When is old year how, the magic fills up the air before many day.Ramble On
Well, the stormy operator like thought in the dream which does not go away from the mark,/The road where that led me to the place, pay attention to the flow of the yellow desert Kashmir
You inquired about that it is good and as for me it sings the person young person concerning her/With that, I inquired about that [oreneiru] puts in place her/With that, I the nailSweet Home Alabama
You do not worry story concerning thing and everyone/The other thing which no one has learned is learned/The callin my name of Ya, but I obtained the fact that it makes that clearSweet Emotion
The front of Theres which is pulled/If the right everybodys of Nobodys by mistakeFor What its Worth

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