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Can you name the 50 Greatest Movie Moments according to TV Guide (March 24-30, 2001)?

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Movie MomentMovienotable actor and year of Movie
Laser Surgery (50)Sean Connery (1964)
Two Godfathers (49)Al Pacino (1995)
Freeze Frame (48)Keanu Reeves (1999)
Faking It (47)Meg Ryan (1989)
Nuclear Rodeo (46)Peter Sellers (1964)
Piano Men (45)Tom Hanks (1988)
The Cantina (44)Alec Guinness (1977)
Hair Gel (43)Cameron Diaz (1998)
The Question (42)Clint Eastwood (1971)
The Gut Buster (41)Sigourney Weaver (1979)
The Shoot Out (40)Gary Cooper (1952)
The Solo (39)John Travolta (1977)
Russian Roulette (38)Robert De Niro (1978)
Seduced (37)Anne Bancroft (1967)
The Grapefruit (36)Mae Clarke (1931)
The Chicken Salad Sandwich (35)Jack Nicholson (1970)
Storm Warning (34)Bette Davis (1950)
The Tear (33)Matthew Broderick (1989)
Hitler Youth (32)Liza Minnelli (1972)
The School Yard (31)Tippi Hedren (1963)
Love on a Rooftop (30)Diane Keaton (1977)
Dog Food (29)Peggy Lee (1955)
The Close-up (28)Gloria Swanson (1950)
Waves of Love (27)Burt Lancaster (1953)
Unmasked (26)Lon Chaney (1925)
Movie MomentMovienotable actor and year of Movie
Mad as Hell (25)Peter Finch (1976)
The Funny Guy (24)Ray Liotta (1990)
Slap Jack (23)Jack Nicholson (1974)
Rosebud (22)Orson Welles (1941)
Hal's Half Crazy (21)Douglas Rain (1968)
The Crop Duster (20)Cary Grant (1959)
The USS Indianapolis (19)Richard Dreyfuss (1975)
The Full Swivel (18)Linda Blair (1973)
The ODESSA Steps (17)Aleksandr Antonov (1925)
The Savior (16)Gregory Peck (1962)
The Subway Breeze (15)Marilyn Monroe (1955)
The Rent Party (14)James Stewart (1946)
The Speech (13)Rod Steiger (1954)
The Ambush (12)Faye Dunaway (1967)
Mirror Image (11)Robert De Niro (1976)
The Sinking (10)Kate Winslet (1997)
The Stateroom (9)Marx Brothers (1935)
The Rain Dance (8)Gene Kelly (1952)
The Meltdown (7)Judy Garland (1939)
Frankly My Dear (6)Clark Gable (1939)
The Shower (5)Janet Leigh (1960)
Big Ape meets Big Apple (4)Fay Wray (1933)
The Mane Scene (3)Marlon Brando (1972)
The Long Goodbye (2)Humphrey Bogart (1942)
D-Day (1)Tom Hanks (1998)

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