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Character Naming Quiz
I am Lord of Moon's Spawn
I fell prey to Gryllen
I gave Quick Ben his ideas regarding the movement of Omtose Phellack
I am Apsalar's father
I took out half the mages on Coral's walls
We took out the other half of the mages on Coral's walls
I lost a duel to Rallick Nom
We protected Crokus during the night of the Fete
I feigned being a Gral escorting newlyweds
I am Lady Envy's father
I became the new Knight of Death
I am the Jhistal
I am friend to Duiker and captain in the Sialk marines
I am Tattersail's lover prior to Pale
I am the Seguleh between Mok and Senu
Character Naming Quiz
I am Togg & Fanderlay's new Mortal Sword
I hate spiders!
I greet the Master of the Deck as he leaves his new residence in the Finnest Deadhouse
We sometimes act like an inverse D'ivers
I am Rallick Nom's clan leader
I survive Coral, a mage not Spindle or Mallet
I covered Kalam with a crossbow as he met the Empress
I am Kalam's shaved knuckle in the hole
I am second to Anomander Rake among Tiste Andii in fighting prowess while soletaken
I shot the arrow that killed Coltaine
I snuck up on Kalam in Raruku
We allowed the Chain of Dogs through our lands
I got punched in the face by Coll in Capustan
I went by the name Salk Elan
I, by Rake's own words, have earned Dragnipur

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