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Hits bad children with sticks on Christmas.
An ape that throws logs at predators.
A dog that eats the handle of an axe.
A feline with a spiked circular tail.
An ape with humanoid features.
A shape-shifting ghost dog.
A hag that steals skin and wears it.
A feline that gets drunk off of the desert plant it drinks.
A fish with fur.
A creature that hides behind things so it is impossible to see.
A reptile that bites its tail to form a circle and roll down hills.
An animal with its left legs shorter than its right (or vice-versa), used for climbing mountain sides.
A Amazonian dolphin that can turn into a human.
A weaver cursed into a spider that must forever weave.
A tiger so massive it could flatten china in its footstep.
The Egyptian God of death.

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