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Can you name the Characters in Super Street Fighter 4 by their Ultra Combos?

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Forced Order
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Ultra CombosCharacters
Metsu Hadoken/Metsu Shoryuken
Shinryuken/Guren Sempukyaku
Yoga Catastrophe/Yoga Shangri-La
Ultimate Killer Head Ram/Orochi Breaker
Lightning Cannonball/Shout of Earth
Flash Explosion/Sonic Hurricane
Ultimate Atomic Buster/Siberian Blizzard
Violent Buffalo/Dirty Bull
Tiger Destruction/Tiger Cannnon
Bloody High Claw/Splendid Claw
Nightmare Booster/Psycho Punisher
Burst Time/Burning Dance
Space Opera Symphony/Big Bang Typhoon
(Name) Flying Giga Buster/(Name) Ultra Spark
Tandem Stream/Tandem Typhoon
Wrath of the Raging Demon/Demon Armageddon
Ultra CombosCharacters
Shin Shoryuken/Denjin Hadoken
Gyro Drive Smasher/CQC
Haru Ranman/Shinku [Tengyo] Hadoken
Illusion Spark/Soul Satellite
Shisso Buraiken/Haoh Gadoken
Raging Typhoon/Raging Slash
Sobat Festival/Climax Beat
Bushin Go-raisenpujin/Bushin Muso Renge
Final Destruction/Last Dread Dust
Seichusen Godanzuki/Abare Tosanami
Rolling Thunder/Corkscrew Cross
Jaguar Revolver/Jaguar Avalanche
Oil Coaster/Oil Combination Hold
Feng Shui Engine/Kaisen Dankairaku

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