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What kind of Faunus is Tyrian?
What is the 'proper' name for Qrow and Raven's bird forms?
Who has voiced Lie Ren since Monty's passing?
After what conflict were the Faunus gifted Menagerie?
What is Glynda Goodwitch's weapon called?
Which of the Ace Operatives has not been shown using their weapon?
Pietro gave part of his what to bring Penny to life?
How, in one word, would you summon Jinn?
What is the name of the kind of Grimm that attack Oscar, Maria and RWBYJNR when Qrow is too hung over to help?
What was Maria's name when she was in her prime as a Huntress?
What was 'pilot boi' (the guy who transports Weiss) originally supposed to be, but then it was written out so it wouldn't seem like a common trope when he died?
Name Raven Branwen's Semblance.
How many daughters did Ozma and Salem have?
What does Taiyang suggest Yang might have lost a few of along with her arm?
What kingdom is Haven Academy in?
And what continent is Haven Academy on?
What kind of weapon did Lie's father, Li, gift to him as their village fell?
According to the song 'I'm The One', Mercury Black was 'born in a what'?
How many older sisters does Jaune have?
Penny's teammate in the Vytal Festival Tournament is called...?
Which Doctor's research was primarily responsible (at least according to Ozpin) for the fall of Mountain Glenn?
What kind of Grimm do we first see Marrow Amin use his Semblance against?
Whose emblem features a blue trident inside a shield shape?
On which island did Ruby and Yang grow up?
Fox Alistair uses what kind of device to make up for his blindness?
Who wields the weapon Magnhild?
Kobalt is a member of what Team?
What was the theme song of Volume 3?
The only character who does not follow the colour naming rule is...?
In the Team round of the Vytal Festival Tournament, what is the Aura threshold for elimination, as a percentage?
What was Adam Taurus's Semblance called?
What is the name of Salem's theme music?
In 'Known by its Song', there is a notable sign outside the bar/restaurant Qrow visits while looking for Huntsmen. What does the sign say?
AK-130 soldiers were replaced in the line of duty by what newer model?
What is written on Summer Rose's gravestone (other than her name)?
Name either of Scarlet David's weapons.
So far, the only known spider Faunus is called...?
What common good luck charm did Clover Ebi have hanging from his belt?
In the city of Argus, there is a large memorial statue to whom?
What colour was the crystal in Ozma's staff?
Velvet Scarlatina's emblem is what shape, covered in stitches?
Crocea Mors was a hand-me-down from whose great great grandfather?
Which Kingdom sided with Mistral in the Great War?
'SDC' is the common abbreviation for which business?
Feldspar is a notable settlement as it contains a support tower for what?
Zwei's fur is primarily black and what other colour?
The Relic of Choice takes the shape of what kind of accessory?
Multiple vending machines have been seen around Remnant referencing one of Rooster Teeth's most well-known jokes. According to the machines (and the joke), 'People like what'?
How many children are picking on Nora in the flashback Ren has in the episode 'Kuroyuri'?
Who pickpocketed Ruby, only to give her the money back immediately to seem like a good person?
What type of black glass chess piece did Cinder leave in James's office?
What can a Nuckelavee's humanoid section not do while the equine section is moving?
Altan, Hori, Chloris and Shiko are the surnames of all of the members of which Team?
Winter Schnee became what class of Atlesian soldier upon her graduation from Atlas Academy?
Jaune noted that one of the villages that Team RNJR passed through was a common camping destination for his family. Which village was this?
What was the first Grimm Ruby ever petrified with her silver eyes?
On what island was the treaty that ended the Great War signed?
Kuo Kuana is the largest settlement on what landmass?
Who defeated the King Taijitu seen in the Emerald Forest?
How many rings does Arthur Watts wear and use?
What was Jacques Schnee's surname before he married Willow Schnee?
Who is Yang Xiao Long looking for when she gets into a fight in Junior's bar in the 'Yellow' trailer?
What did Ilia Amitola disarm in order to ruin Adam's plans for the Battle of Haven?
What type of airship did Qrow, Oscar, Maria and RWBYJNR steal to fly into Atlas on?
Miltiades and Melanie share what surname?
Bartholomew Oobleck boasts what qualification that he is conscious to remind people of so they address him properly?
Qrow Branwen's weapon, Harbinger, gains a new form when he has it upgraded in Atlas, adding to the four it already has (scythe, sword, shotgun, war scythe). What is the new form?
'Caffeine' is the leitmotif of which Team?
What kind of Grimm killed Leonardo Lionheart in 'Haven's Fate'?
What was the previous name of Atlas Academy before the Great War?
Myrtenaster features how many separate chambers for Dust?
Other than the Branwen twins and Shay D. Mann, who is the only other named member of the Branwen Tribe?
Name either of the Huntsmen who were employed to protect the Argus Limited.
How old was Ruby when Ozpin accepted her into Beacon early?
Salem's base of operations is located in which realm, formerly inhabited by a god?
Who wields the weapon 'The Executioner'?
'The Thief and the Butcher' is a book Emerald and Mercury inquire about in a bookshop owned by whom?
Sun Wukong's Semblance, which creates moving copies of himself, is called...?
Which Team organised the Beacon Dance, after Team CFVY's mission ran long?
Which fox Faunus is killed by a collapse in the Belladonna Family Home?
How many seconds could Tock's Semblance make her invulnerable for?
Oscuro Academy is in which Kingdom?
Other than Qrow Branwen, who is the only other named teacher at Signal Academy?
Which of Hazel Rainart's family members died after graduating Beacon, causing his grudge against Ozpin?
How much Lien did Shiro Wan owe the chef/bartender, which Qrow pays off upon realising Shiro is dead?
What is the name of May Marigold's cousin who hits on Weiss in 'Tipping Point'?
Weiss's journey in Anima takes her by air through a field of floating islands above what lake?
Marcus was the assassin father of which character?
Who owns the book 'Ninjas in Love'?
What is Neptune Vasilias terrified of?
Who is currently in charge of Beacon Academy?
Who led the White Fang immediately prior to Adam Taurus?
After the proposal to rearrange Team RWBY's dorm at Beacon, Weiss states she always wanted what as a child?
Vacuo's Army took orders from whom during the Great War?
Using what device does Ruby summon her locker, containing Crescent Rose, in 'Dance Dance Infiltration'?
Team CFVY drop in to take part in the Battle of Beacon from an airship, accompanied by which of their teachers?
How many voting districts are there in Mantle, as seen during the council election of Volume 7?
What kind of Dust does Ironwood's secondary gun fire?
Blake Belladonna was referred to as 'kitty' by which villain?
And finally... after her name, what are Ozpin's first words to Ruby?

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