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Can you solve the four letter Presidential word ladders?

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Presidents #41 and #43 from the same family
a President will often throw this celebratory parties after winning an election
President Clinton's Saxophone sounds great with this type of guitar
President Wilson did this to alcohol in the 1919; legally prohibit
a group of musical Army or Marine members join together to form this group; that might play 'Hail to the Chief'
During WWII the U.S. pushed for citizens to buy this or 007
having an affection or liking; Marilyn Monroe and JFK were said to be have felt this way toward each other
#38 President who took over after Nixon resigned
bend over on itself so one part covers another
a cultural story or tale usually passed down by word of mouth
President #11 a.k.a. 'Young Hickory'
_____ barrel the use of government funds for projects designed to please voters or legislators and win votes: also the flesh of a pig
Yellowstone was the nation's first; signed by #18 Ulysses S. Grant
Divide or break into pieces
President Nixon's dog Checkers might do this after a long walk
many do this about Presidents they don't like; speak or shout in a wild, impassioned way
one might use these in the White House Swimming pool
President #27 a.k.a 'Big Lub'

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