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Can you name the events that led to the foundation of the U.S. and the events of the American Revolution

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To amend the Articles of Confederation or pass a law under the Articles.
He was appointed by the Continental Congress to command the Continental Army during the American Revolution.
A body of representatives from the colonies who met to respond to England's Intolerable Acts. They declared independence in July 1776, drafted the Articles of Confederation and gui
The 1st Constitution of the U.S. 1781-1788 (weaknesses included: no executive, no judicial, no power to tax, no power to regulate trade).
This treaty ended the Revolutionary War, recognized the independence of the American colonies, and granted the colonies the territory from the southern border of Canada to the nort
They remained faithful to the King and Britain. They saw the revolution as a rebellion to be suppressed.
Another name for a loyalist
They saw the revolution as justified. They actively fought in or supported the Independence effort.
They had little interest in the Revolution. Often they waited to see which side was winning and then supported the winners.
Battle December 25th, 1776, Washington crossed Delaware River and took the Hessians by surprise. It was a victory for the Continental Army and served as a reason for soldiers to re
Battle (1777) This was a turning point of the American Revolution. It convinced the French to give the U.S. military support.
A pamphlet written by Thomas Paine to rally support DURING the Revolutionary war. 'These are the times that try men's souls..'
Place where Washington's army spent the winter of 1777-1778, 1/4 of troops died from the cold, disease and malnutrition, von Steuben comes and trains Continental Army.
1781-Last major Battle of Revolutionary war. Strongly supported by French naval and military forces, Washington's army forced the surrender of a large British army commanded by Gen
This group was promised freedom and land if they fought with the British

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