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The Heroine
Killed at Gettysburg
Caught up the flag his brother dropped
Killed at Gettysburg
Wanted an education
Boyd would have read law with him
Scarlett's infatuation
Mentioned throughout the novel
Scarlett's Irish father
A great horse breeder
Scarlett's French mother
Gerald's manservant
Predicted Scarlett's marriage to Rhett
Prone to fainting spells
Scarlett's first husband
Scarlett's unlikely best friend
Was engaged to Charles
The twins's manservant
Was engaged to Stuart
Was once half-heartedly courted by Brent
Gerald thought Scarlett should marry him
Married a Yankee
Cathleen's Charleston friend
Cathleen's Yankee stepmother
Owner of Pine Bloom
Killed at Gettysburg
Kills Jonas Wilkerson
Owner of Mimosa
Leader of the Jonesboro County Troop
Owner of Twelve Oaks
Sally and Dimity's father
Married to Beatrice
Gerald despises him
Scarlett's mainstay
Ellen's mother
An O'Hara house slave
Pork's wife
Scarlett's sister
Becomes a nun
Dilcey's daughter
Ellen's sister
Infected Ellen with typhoid fever
A Jonesboro county doctor
Ellen's cousin and source of heartbreak
Gerald's Savannah brother
Gerald's Savannah brother
Gerald's Irish mother
Won't sell his land to Gerald
Can't feed her large family
Dies before the course of the novel
Ellen's father
Ellen's sister
The O'Hara Cobbler
The O'Hara wheelwright and carpenter
The O'Hara cow man
The O'Hara mule boy
Fired for Emmie Slattery's illegitimate child
There are actually four 'Cookie's' referred to in the novel
A ten year old O'Hara slave boy
An O'Hara house slave
Suellen's fiancee, but marries Scarlett
The O'Hara's Carriage Driver
Stays with her parents at Fairhill
Becomes a teacher
Becomes a teacher
Marries a one armed man from Lovejoy
Killed at Gettysburg
Marries Joe
Wanted to marry Dimity
Engaged to Alex
'My dear, I don't give a damn.'
Once attacked by Indians
Is pregnant at the Wilkes Barbeque
Charles's troop commander
Warns the County against war
Brings to Twelve Oaks the news of Lincoln calling for volunteers
Scarlett's only son
Married to Scarlett's Aunt
Miss Pittypat's lifelong slave
Had a falling out with Miss Pittypat
Disapproves of Scarlett
Fanny's mother
Kells Whiting's mother
Loses both her sons in the war
Atlanta's prime brothel keeper
A proud Confederate
Killed in the battle of Atlanta
Killed at Gettysburg
Marries Tommy
Scarlett thinks her waist is as big as a cows
Her children got measles, allowing Scarlett to take her place at the Bazaar
Spinster who lives with her sister
Spinster who lives with her sister
Killed at Gettysburg
Leads the Orchestra at the Bazaar
Maybelle's husband
Meets with Ashley Wilkes
Mentioned throughout the novel
Vice President of the Confederacy
President of the Confederacy
Of the Georgia Homeguard
Her husband came from Charleston
Scarlett's wartime beau, killed in the Battle of Atlanta
Mentioned several times
Runs one of Scarlett's mills
Mentioned several times
Marches through Georgia
Governor of Georgia
Leads the slaves to dig trenches
The O'Hara foreman
An O'Hara slave
An O'Hara slave
An O'Hara slave
Friend of Uncle Henry
Ashley's manservant
Took command of confederate army from Jonhston
Pittypat's Macon cousin
Mrs Elsing's Mammy
Melanie and Ashley's son
Scarlett shoots him
Sally and Joe's son
Young Doctor Fontaine's wife
Cathleen marries him
Returns Charles's sword
Set fire to Tara
Suellen marries him
Kells Whiting's father
Fanny marries him
Scarlett buys the sawmills from him
Creates a hair straightener
Runs Scarlett's mills
Her son died in a prison camp
Lost her husband and brother in an Ohio raid
Poet Priest of the Confederacy
Bonnie styles her hat on him
Scarlett's first daughter
Killed his wife
Rhett's mother
Rhett's sister
Rhett's father
Leads the raid on the Ku Klux Klan
Georgia's reconstruction Governor
The Democrat choice for Governor
One of Scarlett's scallawag friends
Instructs Scarlett to have an abortion
Grew up in a saloon
Scarlett and Rhett's daughter
Scarlett's Atlanta maid
Maybelle's son
Mrs Whiting's Grandson
Mrs Bonnell's Grandson
Suellen's daughter

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