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which LPer won PCA 2007?
which LPer won PCA 2008?
which LPer final tabled the 2007 WSOP ME?
H@££INGGOL accused which LPer of cheating him?
which LPer created 'Serious BOOB Discussion'?
first LPer to don the Captain Planet avatar?
LP creator/beacon of wisdom?
legendary degenerate (who threatened Steal City w/his mafia connections??)
won the PartyPoker BB jackpot and went on to terrorize the nosebleeds
which LPer created the ROFL thread?
which LPer was chipleader after Day 1a in this year's WSOP ME?
which LPer made the deepest run in this year's WSOP ME?
which LPer founded the Illini Poker Club?
this LPer is the most gifted/adroit/savvy/etc..
probably the manliest LPer
this LPer introduced gender confusion to the forums
the answer to #3's screen name comes from what videogame series?
in Starcraft, this LPer popularized the practice of transferring workers from an existing mining base to a new expansion to increase mining efficiency
which LPer is dating Evelyn Ng?
which LPer created the Looks or Game thread?

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