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QUIZ: Can you name the Purim facts?

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Queen Esther's real name
The queen at the beginning of the story
Noisemaker that we use to blot out Haman’s name
The Jews agreed 'to observe...with the sending of food gifts, each to his/her friend' (Esther 9:22) What are these gifts called?
How many provinces did Ahashverous reign over?
Which Advisor recommended banishing Vashti?
Who did Mordechai overhear plotting to kill the king?
What date was chosen for the destruction of the Jews of Persia?
What did Esther ask Mordechai to have all the Jews of Shushan do before she went to see the King?
Who was Haman’s wife?
How high was the stake constructed to impale Mordechai?
Besides Haman’s sons, how many men did the Jews kill in Shushan on the 13th of Adar?
Esther and Mordechai proclaimed that Purim was a time of feasting and merrymaking (Esther 9:17, 22). This ordinance developed into the special Purim meal, or__________
Purim means ___________
An important expression of community on Purim is the tradition of __________ gifts to the needy

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