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Can you name the galaxies from Super Mario Galaxy 2?

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The first one!
Where you first meet Yoshi.
The first place you'll find the spin drill.
You find the Cloud Flower for the first time here.
Be careful spin jumping here!
Walking on the ceiling isn't unusual in this weird galaxy.
Home to the first Grand Star!
A galaxy made out of wood.
The Dash Pepper is introduced here.
The Rock Mushroom is found here for the first time.
This galaxy is great for swimming and skating.
You'll meet Fluzzard for the first time here.
The Bee Mushroom make its return from Super Mario Galaxy 1 here.
You face up to Bowser for the first time in this galaxy.
The Blimp Fruit debuts here.
This galaxy has a very medieval feel to it.
This is the first galaxy to feature the Bulb Berry.
The Fire Flower appears here for the first time.
The first of two galaxies to use the Star Ball.
Listen carefully to the music in this galaxy!
Yoshi helps you defeat the robotic boss here.
Everything's huge in this overwhelming galaxy!
The gravity here can be controlled with Ground Pounds!
Super Mario Sunshine's Piantas live in this laid-back galaxy.
There's Gearmos and Chomps aplenty here!
Use Bulb Berries to navigate this strange galaxy made from confectionary.
This galaxy is home to the Queen Bee.
Make it through the strange gravity fields here to fight Bowser!
Make good use of Pull Stars to navigate through the electricity here.
This galaxy is full of sand... and quicksand.
This galaxy can be swelteringly hot or freezing cold.
This galaxy holds your first encounter with the Boo Mushroom.
The gravity here is constantly flipping from down to up to down again!
Magmaarghs, Thwomps, Banzai Bills, and more are all trying to stop you and Fluzzard from making your way through this chaotic galaxy.
The Cloud Flower is key to the final Bower Jr. battle here.
The planets of this galaxy are covered with lava!
The ruins here may be ancient, but the traps are still just as deadly as ever!
After 14 long years, the Whomp King gets a rematch here.
This galaxy is full of planets teeming with enemies to be killed.
Light is a rare thing in this galaxy, so watch your step!
Swimming through all of this galaxy's dark caverns is worth it for the beautiful sunset at the end.
This galaxy is the location of the final showdown with Bowser.
This galaxy looks like an 8-bit Mario sprite!
This galaxy is reminiscent of Mario Kart's Rainbow Road.
The spinning wooden blocks here make just standing still a big effort!
This galaxy is simply a single planet from Super Mario Galaxy 1.
Five of Super Mario Galaxy 1's best bosses have returned in this galaxy!
This galaxy is another one where you'll want to be careful when you Spin Jump.
This final galaxy is one the hardest levels in Mario history.

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