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Can you name the enemies from the original Super Mario Bros.?

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Throws hammers at Mario.
Throws a different enemy at Mario from a cloud.
Fights Mario at the end of the first 7 castles.
Lives in pipes.
Shoots a different enemy at Mario.
Jumps or flies, and is either red or green.
The series' main antagonist.
Is covered in spikes.
Is shot at Mario by a different enemy.
Lives underwater and swims at Mario.
Swims underwater or jumps out of the water at Mario.
Spins around to burn Mario.
Jumps out of lava at Mario.
The game's weakest enemy.
Is thrown at Mario by another enemy, and turns into a third.
Retreats into its shell when jumped on, and is red or green.
Have shells and are invincible to fire.

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