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Can you name the Disney movie from its closing lines?

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Closing LineMovie
Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeakers….
I’m so proud of you guys.
Are they going to live happily ever after, Mama?
Of course my dear, of course.
Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?
Made ya look.
Oh, I just love happy endings!
Yes, I do too. Oh, Blue? Pink!
Well, uh, as Ol’ Reliable used to say, he’d say uh, he’d say uh… uh … Doggone. You know, I clean forgot what it was that he used to say.
Caterpillar? Oh, for goodness sake. [Title Character], I… Oh well. Come along. It’s time for tea.
Well sir, I don’t believe I’ve seen a more likely looking pair of fawns, which [Title Character] ought to be mighty proud.
Does that dog look familiar?
Nope, I’ve never seen him before in my life.
We’ll always be friends, forever, won’t we?
Yeah forever.
Dear Mr. Whitmore. I hope this piece of proof is enough for you. It sure convinced me. Thanks from the both of us. Milo Thatch.
Who’d a thought the prince would've had a younger brother. How old did you say you were?
I’m six and a half.
Well I waited this long….
Closing LineMovie
What am I doing? Captain, tell them you never found us, eh? After all, people get lost in the jungle every day. Toodle Pip.
Good luck, lad.
Godspeed John.
[Hoist the main sail, weigh anchor…]
He deserved to be a real boy. It sure was nice of you… Uh? Wha? Well, I’ll be! My my, solid gold too. Oh, I think it's swell.
Hey Napoleon, that sounds like the end.
Wait a minute! I’m the leader. I’ll say when it’s the end. It’s the end.
Oh no. Stay in those eggs! That’s a direct order. Oh hey, you’re kind of a cute little feller. YOW! Whoa!!
Don’t you see? I have the other slipper.
Well, come on Baggy buddy. Let’s get back to where we belong. And get with the beat!
Hey, you’re okay, for a cat. We’ll keep a spot
open for you in the gang. Nice present.
Uptown chapter. Later kid.
Buh Bye, bye!
What a delightful scoundrel.
Stay out of trouble you ol’ scallywag. Aye! Jimbo lad. When have I ever done otherwise?
You know, I have the strangest feeling that I’ve seen that ship before... a long time ago...
when I was very young.
George, dear.
Well folks, that’s the way it really happened.

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