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Who played the First Doctor?
Who played the Second Doctor?
Who played the Third Doctor?
Who played the Fourth Doctor?
Who played the Fifth Doctor?
Who played the Sixth Doctor?
Who played the Seventh Doctor?
Who played the Eighth Doctor?
Who played the Ninth Doctor?
Who played the Tenth Doctor?
Who played the Eleventh Doctor
Who plays the Twelfth (Current) Doctor?
Who played the War Doctor?
The Fifth Doctor was associated with which type of vegetable?
What monster part is the Doctor's friend Handles?
How did Amy Pond's mother get her to like apples?
What is the Third Doctor doing when time-stream Clara spots him?
What does time-stream Clara say is 'knackered' in the TARDIS she tells the First Doctor to steal?
Who manipulates the timelines to help Donna become the Doctor-Donna?
What are Amy's last words to the Doctor in person?
Who created the Daleks?
In the language of the Gamma Forest, how does 'Melody Pond' translate?
What phrase is carved into the oldest rock face in history?
What monster name literally means 'the shadows that melt the flesh'?
What does Rory spot just before he disappears in 'Angels Take Manhattan'?
Who wrote the afterword in Melody Malone's book?
What gift does the Doctor offer guest on Platform One?
What are the Tenth Doctor's last words?
Who create a robot double of the Doctor, to 'infiltrate and kill'?
In which story do we see the First Doctor's library card?
Who does the Second Doctor pretend to be on Vulcan?
What does the Third Doctor tell Captain Hart he never carries?
What are Clara's last words before jumping into the Doctor's time-stream?
TRUE or FALSE: Clara was born to save the Doctor?
TRUE or FALSE: Amy and Rory's daughter was called Emily
YES or NO: The Doctor owes Cassanova something
What does he owe him?
In which story did Matt Smith last appear?

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