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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this auto racing-themed word ladder?

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Nickname of Indiana's 500-mile race
One of Pac-Man's ghosts
Tattoo artist's pigments
Hostels, resorts
Charged particles
Jeb and George W., to George H.W.
Moral offenses
Partner of tangent and cosine
Driver's goal: the finish ___
The Beatles' 'Penny ___'
Window glass
Competition speed
Speed competition
Alexander Pope's '___ of the Lock'
Kids skip it
Actor's part
Coveted inside-front position
🚗 Hint 🚗Answer
Read attentively: ___ over
To peel or skin
'___ thee well'
Old McDonald's place
Shape, mold
The head on beer or soda
Driver's goal: the checkered ___
A type of grenade
Wind resistance, or a race between two vehicles
A wee serving of whisky
Study intensely at the last minute
Guys and Dolls' gambling event: ___ game
Chafe, roughen
A portion-sized cut of meat
A small store
For refueling or repairs, make a pit ___

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