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QUIZ: Can you fill in the four-letter words in these word ladders to name the titles of five books by women?

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❀ Charlotte Brontë ❀
Tarzan's mate
Diane, Nathan, or Lois
unable to walk
tick-borne disease
ancient stringed instrument
Australia's largest lake
❀ Edna Ferber ❀
win, place, or ___
'___ till you drop'
___ suey
informal talk
a layer of paint or varnish
dinghy, canoe, or gondola
❀ Gillian Flynn ❀
departed, left
Bob ___ (Ford's running mate)
'I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot ___.'
opinion survey
medicinal tablet
Gillian, for short
❀ Joy Adamson ❀
came into the world
grain on a cob
penny or farthing, for example
Leno's most prominent feature
slender, slim
now and ___ (occasionally)
'My country, 'tis of ___...'
it can be evergreen or deciduous
without cost or charge
❀ George Eliot ❀
the first lady's husband
a Dutch cheese
ancient near east kingdom
in baseball or bridge, a grand ___
line of stitches
beholds, perceives
drones, workers, and queens
where flowers are planted
English saint: the Venerable ___

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