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Can you name the three-letter words to complete this TV network word ladder?

Quiz Updated May 21, 2018

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Hint3-Letter Word
Its logo is a peacock
University in Vancouver
Home of the Tar Heels
With -vision or -Más, it's a Spanish-language network
AP's rival news agency
Now-defunct network that aired several Star Trek series
Counterpart to USAF or USMC
QVC's competitor
A short word for your dearie, or a judge's abbreviated title
Originally Pax TV; also a charged particle
Holiday ___
News network founded by Ted Turner
Religious network founded by Pat Robertson
Hint3-Letter Word
The 'eye' network
Trigonometric partner of SIN
A gear
Very low cloud
Network of 'The Simpsons' and 'Empire'
Boston's are red; Chicago's are white
VI, to a Roman
Editor's comment indicating an exact quotation
Company known for pens, lighters, and disposable razors
The world's oldest broadcasting organization
Network of 'The View' and 'Grey's Anatomy'
Muscles worked by situps or crunches
It succeeded National Educational Television in 1970

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