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QUIZ: Can you fill in the missing party names to complete the names of these landmark Supreme Court cases?

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Case nameMissing nameYear and description
Marbury v. ___(1803) Established judicial review
McCulloch v. ___(1819) Federal government may establish a bank, and state may not tax it
Worcester v. ___(1832) State law had no force on Indian lands
___ v. Filburn(1942) Recognized broad federal power to regulate commerce
United States v. ___(1995) Struck down federal ban on guns near schools
___ v. Jones(1997) President is not immune from civil lawsuits while in office
Hamdan v. ___(2006) Military commissions case
Gideon v. ___(1963) Right to a lawyer in criminal trials
Miranda v.___(1966) Source of 'Miranda warning'
Plessy v. ___(1896) Approved use of 'separate but equal'
___ v. Board of Education(1954) Struck down 'separate but equal'
___ v. Virginia(1967) Right to marry across racial lines
Dred Scott v. ___(1857) Escaped slave case
Regents of the Univ. of California v. ___(1978) 'Reverse discrimination' case
Case nameMissing nameYear and description
___ v. Bollinger(2003) Use of race in student admissions
___ v. Wade(1973) Recognized abortion rights
Planned Parenthood of S.E. Pennsylvania v. ___(1992) Modified abortion rights
Griswold v. ___(1965) Right to use contraception
___ v. Hardwick(1986) Approved ban on homosexual behavior
___ v. Texas (2003) Struck down ban on homosexual behavior
___ v. Federal Election Comm'n(2010) Right to spend money to campaign
___ v. Sullivan(1964) Public official, in defamation action, must prove malice
___ v. Des Moines Indep. Community School Dist.(1969) Student could wear armband to protest war
Snyder v. ___(2011) Free speech included right to protest military funeral
Boy Scouts of America v. ___(2000) Private organizations may exclude gay members
___ v. Heller(2008) Right to bear arms
___ v. City of New London(2005) Upheld broad exercise of eminent domain
Bush v. ___(2000) Presidential election case

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