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Can you fill in the blanks with Gilbert (G) or Sullivan (S)?

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HintG=Gilbert, S=Sullivan
Pacific island chain: ___ Islands
Skyscraper architect Louis ___
'Little House on the Prairie' actress Melissa ___
Anne Shirley's beau ___ Blythe
Helen Keller's teacher and mentor Anne ___
Landmark US Supreme Court case New York Times v. ___
'Father Brown Mysteries' author ___ Keith Chesterton
Stand-up comedian ___ Gottfried
'Roseanne' and 'Big Bang Theory' actress Sara ___
Heisman Trophy winner Pat ___
HintG=Gilbert, S=Sullivan
Woolworth Building and US Supreme Court architect Cass ___
Bare-knuckle prizefighter John Lawrence ___
'Malcolm in the Middle' actor Erik Per ___
American folk singer Ronnie ___
Infomercial product pitchman Anthony ___
Savoy Opera librettist William S. ___
Savoy Opera composer Sir Arthur ___
Irish singer ___ O'Sullivan
Irish singer Gilbert O'___

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