Science Quiz / Word Ladder: Fish Species

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Can you fill in the 4-letter words to complete this word ladder, to identify five kinds of fish?

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the king of beasts
crazy as a ___
bereft, abandoned
traditional knowledge
'She ___ blue velvet...'
electrical cable
sagacious, sapient
fond desire
it can follow jelly-, star-, or cuttle-
Kennedy, Major, Lennon, or Mayer
link, unite, fuse
penny, for example
frequently-popped grain
he played Worf on Star Trek
2016 Pixar film: Finding ___
ocean color
pasty adhesive
surfeit, excess
painful joint condition
a boxing match
2008 Disney animated feature
it's a cinch
'Ask not for whom the ___ tolls....'
Clinton, Gates, Murray, or Cosby
Gillian, for short
black and white, blended
serving platter
ruse, snare
nonsense, colloquially-speaking
bloke, fellow
casual talk
parka or anorak, for example
price, value
Love's Labour's ___
Win, ___, or Draw
it's a many-splendoured thing
survive, continue to exist
an actor's utterance
___ to my Lou
Nordic or Telemark footwear
I don't know: je ne ___quoi
baglike anatomical structures
it can follow knap- or ruck-
it ranks between a queen and a ten
school athlete
sound that follows tick
a musical sound
'Whistle a happy ___'
albacore or ahi

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