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At a UNESCO conference in which US city did John McConnell first propose a day to honor the earth?
McConnell was inspired when he saw a photograph of the earth from space printed in what magazine?
The Earth Day flag McConnell proposed shows a picture of the earth on a background of what color?
McConnell said he drew his environmental beliefs from what religion?
Which UN Secretary General presided over the first UN Earth Day ceremony in 1972?
The traditional UN Earth Day celebration involves ringing the Peace Bell on the spring equinox. What nation donated the Peace Bell?
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, mountaineers from three nations were roped together to attempt a climb of what mountain?
Name one of the three nations the mountaineers came from.
The mountaineers who carried out that climb also collected two tons of what? (It had been left behind by previous climbing expeditions.)
In which Brazilian city was the UN Earth Summit held in 1992?
William Wallace's Earth Day Anthem is set to music by which composer?
Which international agreement on greenhouse gas emissions opened for signature on April 22, 2016?

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