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A FedEx executive is marooned on an island and makes friends with a volleyball Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt (2000)
Animated story of a rat who leaves his penthouse apartment via the toilet and ends up in the London sewers Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet (2006)
A young man leaves Ireland with his landlord's daughter, dreaming of owning land in America Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman (1992)
A boy is obsessed with competitive cycling and Italian culture Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid (1979)
A father and daughter lead a flock of orphaned geese southJeff Daniels, Anna Paquin (1996)
A woman can't stop leaving her fianc├ęs at the altar Julia Roberts, Richard Gere (1996)
A couple expecting their first child search around the world for the ideal home John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph (2009)
Disney live-action feature about a girl searching for her missing sea captain father Hayley Mills, Maurice Chevalier (1962)
A couple attempt to manipulate a trial verdict; based on a John Grisham novelJohn Cusack, Rachel Weisz (2003)
A Native American rodeo champ returns to the reservation to help his people Elvis Presley, Burgess Meredith (1968)
Anime fantasy film about a girl whose family moves to the suburbs, where she encounters a magical worldDaveigh Chase, Suzanne Pleshette (2001)
The wife of a deployed WWII soldier tries to make ends meet while her husband is away Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones (1944)

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