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Can you complete this word ladder to identify a 1978 Ellen Burstyn comedy about an annually-recurring tryst, and name her co-star?

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'It's all the ___ to me.'
US weekly news magazine
Daiquiri or margarita flavoring
A fabric interwoven with fine metallic strands
To emit a coherent beam of light
Endure, abide
'Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed ___ he fall.'
An exam, or a type of cricket match
Written message sent by phone
'Better luck ___ time!'
Tidy, orderly
Close, not distant
1978, for example
Nays' counterparts
They can be sweet, split, or black-eyed
Fuel often harvested from bogs
Parcel of land
'A man, a ___, a canal...'
Rickman, Arkin, or Cumming
Interjection of woe or regret
Charitable giving
___ Mater
Actor who portrayed M*A*S*H's Hawkeye

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