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QUIZ: Can you name the 100 star wars characters?

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the 'new hope' to restore peace
was thought to be the chosen one
Anakin's master
little green powerful jedi
Luke's twin sister
tatooine smuggler
former master of Obi Wan
powerful human jedi
Han's loyal wookie friend
senator, queen, and wife of Anakin
protocol droid who worries too much
little industrious astromech droid
evil emperor of the empire
previous owner of the falcon
Obi wan's astromech droid
evil sith lord during the battle of geonosis
evil tatoo faced zabrak
4 armed cyborg with a cough
cold and sinister imperial officer
mandalorian bounty hunter who is a clone
Boba Fett's dad and bounty hunter
giant ugly slug thing
viceroy of the trade federation
Nute Gunray's sidekick
came up with the plans for the death star
laid back nautolan jedi
the jedi with the huge head
the jedi that was killed on felucia
the jedi that died flying in a starfighter
Obi wan's #1 clone trooper
only imperial officer in two movies
imperial officer who was replaced by Piett
only officer who questioned Vader
officer who constructed the death star #2
lead the attack on echo base
captain of tantive 4
commanded the attack on death star #1
the general on echo base
commanded the attack on death star #2
leader of the rebel alliance
pilot in episodes 4, 5, and 6
Luke's friend who dies in battle of yavin
Luke's copilot in the battle of hoth
Lando's copilot in the final battle
adopted princess leia
uncle of Luke
aunt of Luke
mother of Anakin
bought Shmi from slavery and married her
owned Anakin as a slave
Anakin's best friend as a kid
little rodian kid on tatooine
bartender of the mos eisley cantina
obi wan sliced his arm off in the cantina
picked a fight with Luke at the cantina
bounty hunter who gets shot by han solo
shows imperial troops where the falcon is
main podracer that Anakin has to beat
gets knocked out of the race by sebulba
has a record setting pit droid team
pod malfunctions at the beginning
governor of naboo
decoy queen handmaiden
Padme's first bodyguard
Padme's second bodyguard
flys the naboo cruiser
leader of the gungans
gungan who hated jar jar
clumsy gungan who becomes a senator
bounty hunter who tried to kill Padme
head chef of a diner who helps obi wan
prime minister of kamino
in charge of making the clones on kamino
prime minister of utapau
wookie warrior who assists Yoda
ewok who befriends Leia
cheif of the ewok clan
the guy with the metal thing on his head
vice chairman of the galactic senate
Palpatine's senior administrative aid
previous chancellor of the galactic senate
senator for the trade federation
Jabba's right hand man
the little lizard monkey in Jabba's palace
droid in Jabba's palace
dancer who is thrown into the rancor pit
owner of the rancor
protocol droid on the trade federation ship
Obi Wan's second astromech
rebel general who was an imperial officer
droid that was a leutinent in the alliance
one of the less vocal jedi on the council
togrutan jedi who survived order 66
female jedi with the green face
trandoshan bounty hunter
old model protocol droid bounty hunter
gas masked bounty hunter
repaired by the empire after an injury
most famous assassin droid in the galaxy
gave Luke a bionic hand

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