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Can you name every Fallout 4 character?

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Male protagonist.
Female protagonist.
Pre-war ghoul. Killed Nick Valentine's fiance, Jennifer Lands.
Brotherhood of Steel initiate. Has a soft-spot for ghouls.
A Brotherhood of Steel project/weapon.
A ghoul who serves as the boydguard of a pre-war family.
Mayor of Bunker Hill.
The only trader who visits Sanctuary.
A Brotherhood of Steel Knight who resides at the Cambridge Police Station. Apprehensive.
A Brotherhood of Steel Scribe who resides at the Cambridge Police Station. Kind.
A Brotherhood of Steel Paladin who finds out that he is enemy of his own faction.
A drug-addicted, Irish fighter.
A friend of Preston Garvey. Lost his son.
A friend of Preston Garvey. Lost her son and is always bitter.
Is able to see things with The Sight.
A leader of The Minuteman. Wants to rebuild the Commonwealth.
Preston Garvey's right-hand man. A handyman.
A weapon trader in Diamond City.
Leader of Diamond City Security.
Killed in a botched surgery in Diamond City.
Mayor of Diamond City. A synth.
A general trader in Diamond City. Refuses to serve synths.
Piper Wright's little sister.
Owns Publick Occurances. A writer.
Controls the water of Diamond City. A little boy.
The nervous radio-man of Diamon City.
The quiet one of the Bobrov brothers.
The loud one of the Bobrov brothers.
Killed Earl Sterling.
Nick Valentine's secretary.
A manipulative female ghoul who resides in Goodneighbor.
A trader in Goodneighbor. A female, pre-war ghoul.
Hancock's bodyguard.
Tries to hassle the protagonist when they enter Goodneighbor.
Mayor of Goodneighbor. A ghoul.
Doctor at the Memory Den.
A ghoul who is an avid fan of The Silver Shroud.
Bouncer at the Third Rail.
Singer at the Third Rail.
An ex-gunner and now hired mercenary. Has a son named Duncan.
A crazed killer who paints with the blood of his victims.
A high-ranking Railroad Agent. An excellent liar who refuses to look to the past.
Leader of the Railroad.
Doctor of the Railroad.
The Railroad's message-relayer.
A Railroad heavy. A synth.
A Railroad Assaultron.
Mechanic and scientist of the Railroad.
The protagonist's Mr. Handy robot.
The protagonist's son. Leader of the Institute.
Code-name: Patriot
A potential synth companion from the Institute.
Leader of the Brotherhood of Steel.
Doctor aboard the Prydwen.
Mechanic aboard the Prydwen. Had her legs blown off.
Super Mutant seraching for the 'Milk of Human Kindess.'
Sentry Bot operating the USS Constitution.
Gets ill from a molerat bite. A child residing in Vault 81.
A female Mr. Handy robot who becomes a synth.
A synth detective who helps find the protagonist's missing son.
A ex-Institute scientist who became a Super Mutant.
A dog.
Killer of the protagonist's spouse.

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