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the type of weather that follows a warm front
hurricane season
a sudden spark or electrical discharge
a dome of water that sweeps across the coast
a swirling high pressure center
a rapidly wirling funnel shaped cloud that touches Earth's surface
air moves across the United States from
a scientist who studies weather
a warm air mass that forms in the tropics and has low air pressure
a huge body of air that has similar temperature, humidity and pressure throughout
the type of weather that follows an anticyclone
the winds in this cyclone move away from the center
a humid air mass that forms over oceans
kind of cloud that brings thunderstorms and tornadoes
sound produced when lightening heats the air
small storm with heavy precipitations and thunder and lightning
boundary where unlike air masses meet
the type of front that brings thunderstorms and heavy precipitation
two characteristics used to classify air masses
a tornado over an ocean
type of air mass formed in the southern pacific ocean
the type of weather that follows a cycone
a dry air mass that forms over land
you see lightening___________you hear thunder
a violent disturbance in the atmosphere
the winds in this cyclone move toward the center
where hurricanes get their energy from
lines on a weather map that connect places with the same air pressure
to move away temporarily
the type of front that would most likely bring many days of rain
cold air masses
a swirling center of low pressure
lines on a weather map that connect places of the same temperature
air masses in the US are moved by
snow that falls after an air mass passes a lake

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