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the male sex chromosomes
the female sex chromosomes
Give the other half of this DNA molecule: AATTCCGGA
What pairs with Guanine?
Give the corresponding RNA molecule: ATGCA
Chromosomes control the production of what?
How does the number of chromosomes in a sex cell compare to a body cell?
chromosomes are made of long strands of this
Scientist who discovered mutations.
Theory that states that genes are carried from parents to offspring on chromosomes
make up the sides of the DNA molecule
Process that produces sex cells
4 nitrogen bases in RNA
Scientists who took X-ray images of DNA
What does a molecule of DNA look like?
Carries DNA's information into the cytoplasm.
Chains of these make up proteins (building blocks of proteins)
Scientist who discovered chromosomes
The process by which DNA copies itself
Scientist who discovered where chromosomes are located
What pairs with Cytosine?
A change in a gene or chromosome that causes a new trait to be inherited.
Female sex cell
Substance that causes mutations
Male sex cell
4 nitrogen bases in DNA
Process that produces body cells
the production of proteins
What pairs with Adenine?
examples of mutagens
What replaces T in RNA?
What pairs with Thymine?
Last names of men who discovered the structure of DNA
Scientist who found the gender chromosomes

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