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Can you conjugate this 3rd Conjugation word in present, imperfect, and perfect tenses.

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Tense and Persondūcereto lead
PRESENT/ First person singularI lead
Second person singularyou lead
Third person singular he leads
First person plural we lead
Second person pluralyou all lead
Third person pluralthey lead
Tense and Persondūcereto lead
IMPERFECT/ First person singularI was leading
Second person singularyou were leading
Third person singularhe/she/it was leading
First person pluralwe were leading
Second person pluralyou all were leading
Third person pluralthey were leading
Tense and Persondūcereto lead
PERFECT/ First person singularI led
Second person singularyou led
Third person singularhe/she/it led
First person pluralwe led
Second person pluralyou all led
Third person pluralthey led

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