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Mother Earth
Father Sky
Giants - children of Gaea and Uranus
saw his own reflection, fell in love with himself
one eyed giants
goddess of love and beauty
god of the sea
she loved Narcissus
he was so handsome that Venus loved him
god of the Underworld
he flew too close to the sun
goddess of war, wisdom, weaving
god of making weapons
she was so curious she HAD to open the jar
he drove his fathers sun chariot, not very well
queen of the gods
goddess of hunting and the moon
messenger god
god of wine
son of Venus, has arrows
wife of Hades, ate pomegranate seeds
turned into a spider
parents of the Olmpian gods
when earth and air and water were all mixed up
king of the gods, lightning bolt
father of Icarus
dog of the Underworld
god of the sun, prophecy, music
goddess of grain, agriculture
hero, completed 12 Labors

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