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Forced Order
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English TranslationLatin Vocab WordEnglish Derivative
to dine, eat dinner----
to grab, seize, take hold ofcapture, capiche, captivate, etc.
no longer-
enemy, stranger, foreignerhostile
who? what? (interrogative pronoun)--
because (q-word)--
to go--
famous, splendid, very bright-
againiteration, reiterate
to kill, murderinternecine
who/which/that (relative pronoun)--
financial/political office---
help, support (noun)auxiliary
to flyvolatile, volley
to learn, recognize, meet (someone)cognition, recognize, incognito
judicial/political office---
form, shape, appearance, figureform, fromage, conform, uniform
host/guest, visitorhospitable, host, hospice, etc.
to live, surviveviva, survive, revive
to bring, to carry, to bearferry, confer, transfer, coniferous
no one, nothing, no ____null, nullify
continually, again and again-
strong, brave, powerfulfortitude, fortify, forte, the Force
to drive, act, urge, make, move, doagent, agenda, act, actor, active
body, flesh, group, collectioncorporal, corpus delicti, corporation, corpse
mind, soul, spirit, characteranimate, Assasin's Creed's animus, magnanimity, unanimous
beast, creature, wild animalbestial, bestiary, beast
finally, at last-
to think, suppose, believeputative, reputation, computer
bird, (sign, omen)avian, aviator, aviary, rara avis
English TranslationLatin Vocab WordEnglish Derivative
luck, chance, accidentfortune, fortuitous
how many?quota
to catch, accept, receive, takeaccept
to avoid, to shun, to evadeinevitable
not yet-
violently, hard, very muchvehemently
The Senate and the Roman People (abbrv.)(Senatus Populusque Romanus)
lifevitals, vitamin
journey, tripitinerary
consul (Roman political office)consul, consulate
to want, to wish, to be willingvolition, voluntary, benevolent
at, near, among, at the house of----
leader, general, commanderduke, duct, conduct, etc
to not want, to not wish, to be unwilling--
to wear, carry; manage, governbelligerent (bellum gerere)
to have, hold, possesshave, habeas corpus
to think, considercogitate, cogitation
to desire, covet, wish/long forCupid, cupidity, concupiscence
nevertheless, however-
he/she says/said; it is said---
and so, and thus---
when? where?ubiquitous
to aim, seek, attack, ask forcompete, centripetal, repeat, petition
to help, assist, supportadjutant
whom/whom? (accusative pronoun)--
to command, orderjussive
to live, stay, inhabit, dwellhabitat, inhabitant, habitable
while, until, as long as-
how? (in what way?)--
wrath, angerirate, irritable
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