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QUIZ: Can you name the Filthy Frank Character?

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Host of the Show. Known for his offensive humor.Seriously, you should know this one...
'Nyess....'Plays the assflute.
The dark lord of the Lycra gods.Sacrifice to him.
Wears a red suit and is Japanese.Wants to destroy the dark lord.
'Aay B0ss...'Is also a Lycra god.
Bald chocolate man.Dies in 'the Worst Film Ever.'
Hosts 'Japanese 101' on the show.The host's roommate.
Wears a white suit and sunglasses.Vomits red liquid...
Lives in a bathtub and loves to flex.Lives in the spirit realm. Tries unsucessfully to cure Dade.
'I'm giving you this disease because I love you.'Wears sunglasses.
Vegetables are his favorite weapon. Think pokémon.
Succombed to Stage 5 of bad internet rapping.Also called a weeaboo by some.
Fruit head who crawls around.Claims to have formerly been 'Selena Gomez.'
Dr. Who lives in realm 3009His nationality is Neo-Pakistani.
Frank's real name...No hint on this one. This is the challenge question.

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