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Forced Order
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Since you said goodbye, Polka dots filled my eyes
Serve the girls and shovel up the rest, Pieces of eight in the jukebox
People tell me I'm wrong....**** em!
Said no no no, yeah yeah yeah, maybe maybe maybe
Wouldn't it be nice to be Dorian Gray, Just for a day
I lived my dreams today, I lived them yesterday, And I'll be living yours tomorrow, So don't look at me that way
If you get tired, Of just hanging around, Pick up a guitar, And spin a web of sound
I said you see these two cold fingers, These crooked fingers I show, You the way to mean no
Her old man, He don't like blacks or queers, But he's glad we beat the Nazi's
You'll never fumigate the demons, No matter how much you smoke
Its all these ignorant faces that bring this town down
First you put the tongue in, Then you put the boot in
Blood runs thicker, Oh were thick as thieves you know
Two more drinks and I slipped under the table
All the memories of the pubs, and the clubs, and the drugs, and the tubs we shared together, will stay with me forever
I've taken far too much to see or think or touch
If I have to go, I will be thinking of your love
Your lights fingers through the dark, Shattered the lamp into darkness were cast
Oh she said baby, I like the cut of your J-I-B
Live outside your head, Live inside a song
What you tryin' to do to me? It seems to come so naturally
My words in your mouth are mumbled all about
I've been following, Following my minds instruction, On how to slowly sharply screw myself to death
How can we make you understand? All you can be is right given in your hand
Well they played that song at the Death Disco, It started fast but it ends so slow
Tell me baby, How does it feel? I know you like the roll of the limousine wheel
I was sucking on a cigarette, Where did that crowd come from?
I kissed her goodbye on the N109
You pissed it all up the wall
But don't be coy with me I'm to clever to follow you down, To the dark and stormy weather
I aint got a problem, Its you with the problem
Down in the street below, You can hear the drunken archangel sing
The Arcadian dream has all fallen through, But the Albion sails on course
If crawl I must do, to take my love to you

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