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Where is the GOOD pizza from?A
What kind of bear is best?B
What is the painting of that is integral to the structure of Jim and Pam's house?C
What does Jan break Michael's TV with?D
It's Scranton! What? The ______________!E
Post Pita-Incident - what is Ryan's nickname at the office?F
What is the name of the cat Dwight tries to give Angela?G
What bedtime story does Dwight read Jim and Pam during their stay at Schrute farms?H
What is the name of the room Jim and Pam stay in at Schrute farms?I
What does Dwight call Justin Beiber?J
Who will wait for no one?K
What did Michael drive his car into?L
What threat level is it?M
According to Dwight, what is Michael Scott afraid of?N
After Creed gets Pams chair, he'll have two chairs, and how many more to go?O
What do we want? Pies! When do we want them?P
What is Creed's job at the office?Q
Who is the f*****g Lizard King?R
How many Cup of Noodles do Jim and Pam get Kevin when he's waiting for the results of his test for skin cancer?S
What does Michael hope the stains in the hotel during the convention are?U
Phyllis' husband always adds this after he says his first and last name.V
What does Dwight fake give birth too with Michael?W
What type of test is Pam given after she hurts her ankle at the company picnic?X
What song does Dwight play on the recorder, upset over Angela and sitting against a dumpster?Y
During Meredith's intervention what creature does Dwight give information on how to kill?Z

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