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What site did they meet on?
Where did they first meet?
Simon's method of transportation after Boris Bistro?
Topic of first conversation?
What trivia game was played when Simon first visited the apartment?
What is their alltime favorite boardgame?
What is their favorite drink?
Where did they have their first kiss?
What common title do they both have?
What nickname did Simon first give Alexandra?
What Sporcle game was Alexandra horrible at?
First thing they want to own together?
Where did they go on their first road trip?
What is their favorite cocktail?
What is the first movie they watched together?
What does Alexandra collect from Simon's body?
What part of Simon's face hypnotizes Alexandra?
Name of Innkeeper at first Bed&Breakfast?
What item was left in the B&B's freezer?
Where do they love to spend their time after work?
First article of clothing given to Alexandra?
With what castle does Alexandra confuse Simon's cologne?
What exercise does Alexandra wish she can do as good as Simon?
What was their first workout program?
What transmission do they prefer?
What is the minimum Jetta trim level accepted?
What is the name of the alarm that gets them out of bed?
What was the first meal they had at Simon's place?
What artist did Alexandra mistakenly think was Simon's favorite?
What was their first common song?
What is the future name of their dog?
How many kids do they want?
What common brand sunglasses do they own?
What is their favorite snack food (mainly Alexandra's)
What suffix do they use to pluralize?
What suffix do they use for every other word?
Simon thinks Alexandra is this (4)
What do they want to steal from each other (other than the Moon..)
What is Alexandra to Simon?
How long will they be together?

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