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Forced Order
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The alternate form of a gene
An ecological relationship where two organisms benefit each other
Organism that makes it's own food and helps to fuel an entire ecosystem
Organism that must eat other organisms (aka heterotroph)
A collection of all the biotic and abiotic factors in an environment
Invertebrate phylum that includes insects and spiders; 'jointed foot'
Type of selection in which humans decide which traits will survive
The unique living arrangement suited to an organism
Humans and apes share this
A species is defined as a population of organisms that are able to mate with each other naturally
Organisms that break down dead material are known as what?
Plants take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere by performing this
Animalia, Plantae, and Fungi are all examples of what?
All organisms with nuclei belong to which domain?
Evolution is driven partially by ___________, or changes in DNA.
A trait that allows an organism to better respond to its environment is an _________________
A trait that allows an organism to better attract a mate is a _______________ selected trait.Example: A frog's call or a peacock's tail feathers
A species that serves a greater ecological function in an ecosystem than its biomass would indicate
A major terrestrial ecosystem such as the tundra, desert, or savannah
The process by which nature decides which traits should be passed on. Described as 'survival of the fittest'

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