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The largest bone in the body
The word root hemo- refers to what?
Tiny sacs where gas exchange takes place
Hair-like projections off of cells that help move mucus and sense invaders
The outer layer of skin is called the...
Involuntary, striated muscle is what type of tissue?
These vessels carry blood away from the heart.
Tissue that is not in contact with blood vessels is ...
The plane that divides the body into left and right lateral sections is the ____________ plane.
The movement of material throughout the digestive tract via smooth muscle contractions is known as _____________.
The main purpose of the small intestine is ______________.
Histology is the study of ___________.
Cells responsible for skin and hair coloration are called ______________.
The bone commonly called the 'collar bone' is officially known as the _____________.
The chamber of the heart that receives blood from the Vena Cava is the ______________.
The largest internal organ in the body that helps metabolize alcohol is the _____________.
The shaft of a long bone is known as the ______________.
Blood cells are mostly produced in the _________________ of bones.
These vessels carry blood toward the heart.
The _______________ holds and moves food between the pharynx and the stomach.
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