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This subatomic particle becomes excited when hit by photons
The conversion of light energy, carbon dioxide, and water into Carbohydrates and Oxygen
This type of organism must obtain its food from other organisms
The simple sugar created in photosynthesis and used in respiration is known as_________
The light reactions of photosynthesis occur within which structures?
Respiration that uses oxygen is known as what type?
The 'dark reactions' in photosynthesis are also known as the _______________
The dark reactions of photosynthesis occur where in the chloroplast?
The splitting of glucose that produces 2 ATP
All of photosynthesis occurs in which organelles?
This process occurs within cells in low oxygen conditions. Its end products may be lactic acid or alcohol
This cycle occurs within the mitochondria. It produces electron carriers and ATP
This is a 'packet' of light energy. Remember, light travels in both particles and waves
This chemical may cause muscle soreness. It is a product of glycolytic fermentation
The molecule that is the energy currency of cells
This type of organism creates its own food with chemical or light energy

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