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An allele that is masked by another, different allele
A picture of an individuals chromosomes
The expression of an allele pairing (ex. Blue eyes, Clubbed Feet, Doo doo head)
The actual allele pairing (what genes are present, aa, Bb,Cc, AB)
A gene relationship in which both alleles are fully shown
A gene relationship in which neither allele is fully expressed (ex. Red and White genes make Pink flowers)
Cell division that results in two identical, haploid daughter cells
The blueprint of life/ Double stranded molecule that makes up the genetic code of life
Single Stranded molecule that DNA message is transcribed to
A change in the genetic code of an individual: This change may be good, bad, or neutral.
The nucleotide base adenine (A) matches with which nucleotide base in DNA?
The nucleotide base Guanine matches with which nucleotide base in DNA and RNA?
The nucleotide base adenine (A) matches with which nucleotide base in RNA?
Cell division that results in gametes (4 Haploid, unidentical daughter cells)
The process of genes swapping places on homologous chromosomes
The father of modern genetics

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