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A relationship involving two organisms where one organism gains fitness and one organism loses fitness
All of the organisms in an environment make up a ___________________.
Most producers gain energy from _____________________
Diversity that measures the amount of different habitats
A relationship between two organisms where one gains fitness and another does not gain or lose fitness
A large terrestrial ecosystem such as the taiga, savanna, or tundra
Berries would be known as a ______________ in a food web.
Diversity that measures the amount of species (classic)
Organisms that only eat plants are _______________________
A grouping of all the biotic and abiotic factors in an environment
A species within a food web that eats other organisms is called a _______________.
Factors in an ecosystem that are non-living are called _________________
Tiny organisms leave coral and cause the coral to turn white. This is called _______________
The amount of variety of life within an ecosystem
A species that has a large impact on an ecosystem compared to its biomass
Diversity that measures the amount of DNA variation.
An organism that eats both plants and animals is a _______________
Animals that only eat other animals are ____________________.
A relationship between two organisms where both organisms gain fitness

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