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'Small brain': Part of the hindbrain that refines motor functions such as riding a bike or writing.
Large, folded part of the brain that is made up of 4 lobes. This controls decision making, sight,hearing, language, etc...
This structure helps the brain store new memories.
This part of the brain helps with storing memories attached to emotion and also helps to create an emotional response.
This lobe of the cerebrum is found at the back of the head. It controls vision.
This portion of the brain controls decision making and personality as well as some motor function.
This structure secretes neurohormones and helps control hunger, thirst, sleep, and bonding.
This is the thick portion of the brain stem. It acts as a relay center within the brain.
This structure connects the brain stem to the spinal cord. It is located inferior to the Pons.
This structure is composed of white matter. It is the connection between the two cerebral hemispheres. Those suffering severe epileptic seizures might have surgery to remove this.

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