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Locked a cat in a box with a vile of poison
From Russia, This man found a new way to generate power, naming the device after himself. The ----- coil
Devised the theory of relativity e=mc^2
Studied radiation until she became so ill from it that she passed away before she could receive a prize
Invented the polio vaccine
Made the first microscope
The man who named cells 'cells'
a monk who studied heredity through pea-plants
Nazi who studied children from Auschwitz, mostly twins and dwarves.
US president who ordered plant specimen from explorers Lewis and Clarke
This Italian artist first used math and science to make his paintings realistic.
Wrote 'On the Origin of Species'
Came up with modern taxonomy, famously naming himself.
Studied behavior in chimps, recognizing them each by name.
Devoted his life to the study of urine, discovering the chemical makeup of urea.
Invented bifocals and the wood-burning stove
Sci-fi writer who invented Scuba
Discovered mold on his unattended peetri dishes, later known as penicillin
The father of psychoanalysis
A Greek doctor, one of the first to rely on science instead of magic when curing the diseased. Doctors today take his oath.
These two Discovered the STRUCTURE of DNA
Invented the first lightbulb
Discovered the law that allows birds to fly.
Founder of the modern periodic table.
Discovered the law of displacement.

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