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Name the historical Castles and Fortifications in Great Britain

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Largest of the Iron Age Hill Forts built in 5th Century BC in modern Dorset
Between modern Carlisle and Newcastle, boundary of the Roman Empire built in early 2nd Century AD to keep the pre-Scots out/in
Between the Firths of Forth and Clyde, boundary of slightly larger Roman Empire built later in 2nd Century for the same reason
Earthwork named after 8th Century King of Mercia to keep the Welsh out/in
Strongpoints built by Alfred the Great to defend against Vikings
Castle first built by William the Conqueror in London, later a residence of many political prisoners
Castle first built in 1067 by the same man on the way North near Sherwood Forest
Another Norman Castle, later rebuilt in stone and the home of Richard Neville the Kingmaker
Norman Castle on the river Medway in Kent, occupied by Odo of Bayeux
Overseeing the Thames, it became one of the grandest royal palaces and remains a popular residence of the Queen
The Key to England defended one side of the Pas de Calais
Traditional Seat of the Kings of Scotland
Surrounded by a lake this castle near to Maidstone in Kent is commonly thought to be further North than it is
North Yorkshire fortress built by Henry II, famous for changing hands repeatedly during the English Civil War
Castle built by Edward I, whose 15th Century defenders are remembered in a Welsh martial song
Birthplace of Edward II, late 13th Century stone castle built opposite Angelsey
Strongpoint in the London City Wall, now a centre of arts, drama and brutalist architecture
Originally a Benedictine Priory, this Cornish island became a popular fortress in the Later Middle Ages
The underground command centre of the British government during the Blitz
Running from Somerset to Essex, the longest of the defensive lines built to resist German Invasion in the Second World War

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