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Can you name the famous men called Richard, Richie, Rich, Ricky, Rick or Rik?

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Played Garry in 'EastEnders'; bears a striking resemblance to his ex-father-in-law, Dennis Waterman1968-
US comedian, has appeared on many UK panel & comedy shows1954-
Most famous for 'Top Gear' & 'Total Wipeout'1969-
Played Lenny Godber in 'Porridge'; father of actresses Samantha & Kate1947-1979
Co-presents 'Pointless' on TV1970-
Chef, restaurateur, TV presenter1947-
English writer, wrote 'Watership Down'1920-
English actor, appeared in 'Withnail & I' and played Mr Dursley in the Harry Potter films1947-
Comedian/writer of 'Extras' & 'The Office'1961-
US President from 1969 to 19741913-1994
Singer/songwriter, recorded 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' with his band The Verve1971-
Guitarist in Status Quo1948-
US singer, sang 'Hello Mary Lou'1940-1985
Musician, had many hits with late sister Karen1946-
Actor in 'The Royle Family' & 'Brookside'1939-
Businessman, founded the Virgin Group of more than 400 companies1950-
Sid Owen played this character in 'EastEnders'1972-
Welsh actor, married to Elizabeth Taylor1925-1984
Comedy actor, was in 1970s sitcoms 'Man About the House' & 'Robin's Nest'1944-
BBC newsreader from 1954 to 19821925-
Keyboard player with Pink Floyd1943-2008
Scottish actor, best known for his role as Victor Meldrew in 'one Foot in the Grave'1936-
Keyboard wizard, famous for being in the band Yes and wearing a cape1949-
Comedian, writer, appeared in 'The Young Ones' & 'Blackadder'1958-
Irish actor, was the first Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films; also sang 'MacArthur Park'1930-2002

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