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Can you name the famous men called John, Johnny or Johnnie?

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English sitcom writer, most notably of 'Only Fools & Horses'1946-2011
Born Peter Waters Dingley. Veteran broadcaster, was a DJ on pirate Radio Caroline. Also the name of a brand of whisky.1945-
Distinguished actor whose films include 'The Elephant Man' & '10 Rillington Place'1940-
Comedy writer/actor, most famous for TV shows 'Fawlty Towers' & 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'1939-
US film actor--best known for his Westerns--director & producer1907-1979
TV actor, shows include 'Please Sir' & 'Upstairs Downstairs'. Has been married to actress Pauline Collins since 19691940-
Actor & pantomime dame, most famous for playing Mr Humphries in TV's 'Are You Being Served?'1935-2007
Musician & songwriter, was guitarist in The Smiths1963-
US singer with deep, bass-baritone voice. 'The Man in Black'.1932-2003
Longest-serving co-presenter of children's TV series 'Blue Peter'1934-
Actor, dancer, musical theatre performer, best known for his TV role as Christian in 'EastEnders'1971-
Former snooker player & commentator; co-hosted TV game show 'Big Break' with Jim Davidson1946-
One of the Beatles1940-1980
British Prime Minister from 1990 to 19971943-
Scottish-American all-round performer; starred in TV series 'Torchwood'1967-
Born Michael Joseph Pennington. Comedian from Bolton, known for his high, husky voice & angry rants1971-
Much loved actor, most famous for appearing in TV's 'Dad's Army'. Was married to Hattie Jacques but they divorced1912-1983
US composer, famous for his 'Star Wars' film score1932-
US film actor, many of his films directed by Tim Burton1963-
Actor, most famous films 'Grease', 'Pulp Fiction' & 'Saturday Night Fever'1954-
Stand-up comedian from Liverpool, has also appeared on TV in teen drama 'Skins1966-
English composer of film music, notably 12 of the 'James Bond' films1933-2011
BBC World Affairs editor & intrepid Foreign Correspondent1944-
Hosted maths-based children's TV shows in the '70s & '80s; father of Zoe1938-
US President from 1961 until his assassination in 19631917-1963

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